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About The Tokyo Spelling Bee

Whether your student is preparing for the SSAT, looking to improve their boarding school application, or simply searching for academic enrichment, they will find that participating in a spelling bee is an invaluable and unforgettable experience! 


Welcome to the Tokyo Spelling Bee: a fun, low-stakes competition where students can test their spelling skills among peers. Every student, from a budding bee to a seasoned competitor, will find an exciting challenge at the Tokyo Spelling Bee. 


A century-old and with millions of contestants every year, the spelling bee is the ultimate test of a student’s spelling ability. It is a fun and exciting competition in which students are challenged to spell a variety of words, increasing in difficulty as the competition progresses. While finding its roots in the United States, the spelling bee has spread across the globe, including to Japan! 

Hosted by Tokyo Academics, The Tokyo Spelling Bee will continue in 2023. Come back soon for an official date!


Who can join? 

All students currently enrolled in 3rd to 8th grade can participate. Previous competition history is not required. Students will be divided into three competitions based on grade level. 


Where is it located? 

The Tokyo Spelling Bee will be held at Tokyo Academics, in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. 


How do I register? 

The official application for contestants will go live in November. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates! 


How much does registration cost? 

Registration is 1,500円 per student. The registration fee will allow students to participate in one of the three competitions, and also includes a certificate of participation, as well as complimentary snacks and refreshments during and after the bee. 


I don't live in Tokyo. Can I still register? 

Yes! As long as you can attend the in-person competition, we will accept contestants from outside of the Greater Tokyo area.

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