Work Work for Winter Warriors

Hello everyone!

This is Kaitlyn, the program director for this year's Tokyo Spelling Bee. I want to first extend a warm thank you to everyone for their interest in joining our bee. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to bring this event to students in Tokyo, and I look forward to seeing some amazing spellers in March.

For those who are not signed up to our newsletter, we'll be posting some of our previous newsletters to the Tokyo Spelling Bee blog, sharing with everyone our tips, tricks, and resources for our spellers. If you aren't subscribed yet and would like these newsletters when they first come out, please consider joining our email list!

For those who have already registered, it's time to start studying! This may seem daunting at first – after all, how do you study when you don't know which words you'll be asked to spell? With an estimated 171,146 words in the Oxford English Dictionary, it may seem hard to find a place to start. So, here are a few resources for competitors to use before the big day:

Students can partake 24/7 in an online spelling bee, and try to make leaderboards for the day, the week, the month, and all-time! The words will increase in difficulty as you answer correctly, and will certainly push even the most seasoned spellers to new limits.

Merriam-Webster Word of the Day

Subscribe to Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day! This is an excellent way to expand your vocabulary. Learn the daily word on the way to school, during lunch, or in study hall!

100 + Latin & Greek Root Words

Over 60% of English words have Greek or Latin roots. Understanding these roots can help a student decipher meanings of unfamiliar words, and assist them with proper spelling!

As we come closer and closer to March 12th, I'd also like to encourage you, your friends, and your classmates to register.

We are still accepting registrations until we hit capacity. Currently, our 3rd and 4th grade competition is closest to capacity. We're looking for more competitors to fill our 7th/8th grade competition. If you know someone at your school, in your neighborhood or in your after-school activities, who might be interested, consider inviting them to join the competition! You can find the link to register here.

In next week's blog, we'll talk about some of the advantages to participating in spelling bees, as well as some tips for our competitors on how to overcome spelling bee nerves!

Thank you all, and see you then!


Kaitlyn Cyprian